1. Core Values
        Integrity, responsibility, outperforming, value-creation and win-win
        The core values of “integrity, responsibility, outperforming, value-creation and win-win” are the summary of successful experiences of business running for years, and also the quality requirements designed by the founder of the enterprise for pursuit of enterprise morality, and constitute a system restraining, requiring and motivating the enterprise and its members.

        Act in honesty and nobleness. Honesty forms the cornerstone of Feishang’s rapid development for the past few years, and the foundation of long-term trust by governments, employees and business partners, as well as the character enchantment that “Feishang will be of first choice next time as long as we work with it once”. Feishang people has been adhering to honesty and pursuing to be a noble man.
        Handle affairs with responsibility to achieve company’s goals. Handling affairs with responsibility is to do things in a reliable way. Handling things improperly means doing nothing. The company has been advocating the philosophy to come down to the earth and do every work responsibly to strive to achieve the company’s goals.

        Outdo ourselves and make an enterprise thriving for more than a century. Outdoing ourselves means daring to break through and keeping challenging ourselves. As long as we work harder and more conscientiously than others, and our achievement standards are higher than others, we will certainly go further than others, and our foundation will remain solid and strong.

        Value-creation and win-win to share development results. In the past, Feishang relied on its own ability and business wisdom to make profit, and made deserved returns after creating value and benefiting others. In the future, we will continue making fortune in proper manner and achieve win-win results based on value-creation.
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